Bills (proposed laws)

Bills are proposals to make a new law or to change an existing one.  Only the Fono Ekepule can pass a bill.  Each bill goes through several stages, giving the members of Parliament and the public the chance to have their say. 

To find out more about bills before select committees contact the Clerk to Assembly at Fale Fono II, +683 4200 or email: 

Public Submissions are to be addressed to: 


Niue Select Committee
Office of the Niue Assembly
Fale Fono II, Halamahaga Alofi


See below the Bills that are currently with the Bills Committee

Family Relationships Act 2022

For information, please contact the Clerks to the Niue Assembly at these email addresses:

Clerk to Assembly – 

Assistant Clerk to Assembly –

Contact Telephone 4200 on extensions 102 or 105 if you have any questions.

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