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Ø  Pacific Disability Forum (NEW) 

Ø  Consumer Price Index - Quater Ending March 2016 (NEW) 

Ø  Fiji Roving Ambassador - Her Excellency Litia Mawi (NEW) 

Ø  Pacific Journalists strengthen understanding on Human Rights Reporting

Ø  Niue Women Parlimentarians in Samoa

Ø  Cutting-edge technology to lift Niue's Fishery Revenue

Ø  Niue Record Highest Temperature

Ø  China PIFS Scholarship Scheme 2016-2016

Instructions for online Applications

Ø  Niue Health & World Health Organisation Public Awareness

Ø  NZPS Scholarships intake for 2017 






Ø   Niue donates Monetary Funds to Fiji Relief Efforts (NEW) 

Ø  Way forward for Government of Niue and Rocket Systems internet services (NEW)

Ø  Government seeks continuation of Free Wifi Services for the People of Niue (NEW)

Ø  Niue Power Corporation & Department of Communications to be transferred to commercial arm of Niue Philatelic & Numismatic Company (NEW) 

Ø  Village Council Bill Passed in the Niue Legislative Assembly (NEW) 





Ø  New Zealand Realm Countries discuss Communication Prospects

Ø  Education week opens at Niue High School

Ø  Niue High School unveil new school sign

Ø  Niue Primary School Open Day at new Location 









1. Police Cadet (2x vacant positions) (NEW)

2. Executive Director General, Special Duties and Operations (EDG) (NEW)

3. Infrastructure Officer (NEW)

4. Field Worker (NEW)


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