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Ø  NZDF's Joint Pacific Fisheries Patrols Continue Run of Success

Ø  86.3kg Big Eye Caught in Niue Waters 

Ø  Migration Statistics - March Quater 2016

Ø  Bill English's budget under the spotlight from NZ Realm countries

Ø  Niue Kilikiki Ferderation commence 2016 Competition

Ø  Australian Direct Aid Fund Benefits two communities

Ø  NiueGovernment of Niue & Rocket System Joint Media Statement

Ø  Niue calls for changes to Governor General swearing-in Ceremony

Ø  Pacific Disability Forum







Ø  Thailand Ambassador Visits Niue

Ø  Grant for Newborn Infants Policy 

Ø  New Born Infant Grant Endorsed by Cabinet

Ø  Public Niue Justice Lands & Survey Notice

Ø  Public Accounts Committee - Report on the Government of Niue Budget Estimates 2016-2017 July

Ø  2016-2017 Budget Endorsed in the Niue Legislative Assembly

Ø  Niue Ridge to Reef National Inception

Ø  Polynesia leaders group fathers in Tahiti for Climate Change update

Ø  Pacific Energy Conference 2016-Outcome

Ø  University of Canterbury gift scholarship to Niue High School Dux Holder 2016

Ø  Honourable Premier Toke Talagi Welcomes University Students

Ø  United States Treaty Negotiations Good Outcome for Niue

Ø  Honourable Premier Encourages Senior Students to dialogue 

Ø  United States Treaty Negotiations Good Outcome for Niue 

Ø  Honourable Premier Encourages Senior students to dialogue  

Ø  Broadcasting Corporation of Niue celebrates newInitiative for Television  

Ø  Niue to join Pacific Energy Conference 2016  

Ø  Public Accounts Committee commence Budget Discussions 

Ø  2016-2017 referred to PAC Committee  

Ø   Honourable Premier Toke Talagi 2016-2017 Budget Statement  

Ø   Niue Power Corporation welcomes New Equipment  

Ø   The Republic of Fiji's Roving Ambassador's Presentationo of Credential

Ø   Niue donates Monetary Funds to Fiji Relief Efforts










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