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Ø  Pacific Journalists strengthen understanding on Human Rights Reporting (NEW) 

Ø  Niue Women Parlimentarians in Samoa (NEW)

Ø  Cutting-edge technology to lift Niue's Fishery Revenue (NEW)

 Ø  Niue Record Highest Temperature (NEW)

Ø  China PIFS Scholarship Scheme 2016-2016

Instructions for online Applications

Ø  Niue Health & World Health Organisation Public Awareness

Ø  NZPS Scholarships intake for 2017 






Ø  Way forward for Government of Niue and Rocket Systems internet services (NEW)

Ø  Government seeks continuation of Free Wifi Services for the People of Niue (NEW)

Ø  Niue Power Corporation & Department of Communications to be transferred to commercial arm of Niue Philatelic & Numismatic Company (NEW) 

Ø  Village Council Bill Passed in the Niue Legislative Assembly (NEW) 





Ø  New Zealand Realm Countries discuss Communication Prospects

Ø  Education week opens at Niue High School

Ø  Niue High School unveil new school sign

Ø  Niue Primary School Open Day at new Location 













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