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Title: Population

Issue Date: 5 April 2018

Published by: Premier

Publication type: Official information


Population as I see it, the local population has been in decline since the 50s when people left in droves for better opportunities.

We were unable to stem the tide until about 2015 when we were able to stop this decline and slowly built up small numbers returning.

This is still a work in progress but there is now stability. We can repopulate Niue with migrants. But there are social issues that we need to work through before any decision is made.

We can import labour but need to be sure that these are managed. These are not migrants and can only stay for a certain period. They will not be allowed to apply for residency.

Our current policy to increase the consumers are based on tourism. So that the more we are able to attract the better the business viability’s for private sector companies. Good for government tax revenues as well.

We are encouraging our own people to produce more and have incentives of $2000 to help all resident new born. We also offer $10,000 to returning scholarships to allow them to re-establish and support them.

We will ensure that jobs are available for those wishing to return in similar manner to those on Niue

We encourage investment by young niueans who wish to return and start a business here in the same way we support our local businesses.

Hope this helps. We are one of the only countries to stem the flow and rebuild our population we have allocated our own funds to pay for all these.