Koe Fakatufono Ha Niue Fekai

Hon Premier & Chairman of Cabinet Toke Tufukia Talagi

Premiers Department

  • Legislative
  • Cabinet Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Crown Law Office
  • External Affairs
  • Project Management Unit
  • Economic Development Planning & Statistics Unit
  • Private Sector
  • Trade

Finanace, Customs & Revenue, and Government Assets Taxation
Infrastructure Department
Niue Public Service Commission
Police and National Security
Immigration and Population
Civil Aviation
Niue Tourism 
Niue Post & Telecommunication / ICT
Niue Development bank

Hon Minister Pokotoa Ikiua Lalotoa Sipeli

Education Department
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishery Department
Administrative Services / Niue Training & Development Unit

Hon Minister Halene Kupa Magatogia

Public Works Department

  • Civil Division
  • Quarry
  • Water
  • Building
  • Mechanical

Niue Power Coorporation
Justice, Lands & Survey
Bulk Fuel

Hon Minister Joan Sisiati Tahafa Viliamu

Health Department

Community Affairs Department

  • Village Councils
  • NGO
  • Woman Affairs
  • Social Welfare

Niue Broadcasting Cooporation